South Rosebank has one of the best consumer groups in the GTA.
With over 1,000 residential homes in our neighbourhood, we are a desirable market for many goods and services.

People are looking for ways to support small businesses and prefer to shop with local providers of goods and services.
By listing your business you are connecting to a viable and willing target market and showing your support for the community.

A win-win for everyone!


We will promote traffic to the SoRo Local Business Directory and will grow this Local Business Directory to become an integral part of our community.


Funds generated from this directory offset operation costs of the SoRo website, community events, community art, community enhancements, promotion / information materials, and supports local charities.


Application Form

 1) Complete this online application form
2) We will validate and confirm your listing by email
3) Pay by EFT to
4) Your listing will be posted

Fees for listing

  • $60/Year – South Rosebank Resident Business
  • $120/Year – Residing beyond South Rosebank
  • $0 – Under 18 years – Resident of South Rosebank

Are you a South Rosebank resident?

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