Annual SoRo Art-Expose - 2020

 Welcome to the first-ever Art Exposé for SoRo Good Neighbours.  We are pleased to showcase all submitted artwork by these talented artists who creatively captured the theme of our home, South Rosebank.  Follow the links below to see each piece with a brief description and biography of the artist. 


Rouge River Marsh At Dawn

My morning neighbourhood walk always includes a view of the Rouge River, and often a visit to the Rouge marsh. This…

Rough Water Sailors

Together, we brave the struggles our community faces and become stronger together.

SoRo Butterfly

Inspired by nature in our community and our butterfly at the tennis courts. 

SoRo Butterfly 2

Captures the beautiful nature we are surrounded by. It’s also inspired by the butterfly at the tennis courts.

Slo-Ro The Snaily Friend

Snails are around the neighbourhood and they go nice and slow – which we hope is the speed of our neighbours car.

Home Sweet Home

Not only is it a playful rendering of our community map, but also highlights some of the key symbols of SORO. Central…

A Salutation to the Dawn

This painting is an appreciation for how close we live to the water and our accessible beaches. It is a reminder to…

Rouge River In Dawn

 This piece reflects the beautiful scene of the natural scenery surrounding rouge riverbank. 

The Birds of Rosebank

I grew up on Rosebank, and while stuck inside for four months in the middle of a pandemic, I began to watch the birds…

Safe Home

Our home in South Rosebank has beautiful trails, bridges and landscape along Lake Ontario. I wanted to depict… 


In SoRo you can capture just as much delight in winter scenes. And even though our little waterfront (off Bellavista)…

Rouge River Boardwalk

I often see people stopping on this boardwalk bridge, admiring the view of the river. I imagine what they’re seeing…

Catching Waves

This photo was taken on a chili, windy day in April along Beachpoint Promenade. It captures how the quiet residents of…

Rouge River Sunrise

This photo captures one of the many beautiful sunrises that SoRo residents awaken to each day.

Rouge Cardinal

How does this capture the essence of our collective home: South Rosebank? The thing that completely inspires me about…

Hunting for Breakfast

The thing that completely inspires me about South Rosebank is the beauty and nature that surrounds us. During the…

Butterflies of the Rouge Park

This piece is of 49 butterflies that we might see flying around our gardens especially if we have lots of flowers for them to enjoy

Rouge River

This piece depicts the lower reaches of the Rouge River with many of the Flora and Fauna we can enjoy on our doorstep.

Our Community

“Our Community” is a collage of amazing details that are unique to our neighbourhood. The sculptures, art installations, and beautiful parks…

Social Butterfly

How does this capture the essence of our collective home: South Rosebank? I was inspired to paint a Butterfly from our social butterfly fence…

Sunrise At The Beach

Yes, absolutely. Along the water’s edge… sunrise with a dog, rabbit and cat…. In our neighbourhood which we all embrace the wildlife, our pets and our lives …

8 Turtles of Ontario

We are fortunate to live beside one of the few remaining wetlands in Southern Ontario where we can see turtles swimming and basking on logs…

Little Tree, Big View

 I love passing this view almost every day on my walk through Petticoat Park. It captures the nature that surrounds us; the great lake and the conservation land…

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