SoRo Good Neighbours was established as a community group in 2013 as part of the City of Pickering’s Celebrating Sustainable Neighbourhood Program. Our community of 1000+ homes is bound by Highway 401 to the north, the Rouge National Urban Park to the west, Petticoat Creek Conservation Area to the east and Lake Ontario to the south.

SoRo Good Neighbours is an informal and somewhat eclectic group that seeks ways to engage with our neighbours with the sole purpose of creating a kind, caring, positive and safe place to live.  SoRo is NOT a typical rate payers group with membership dues or elected officials. 


Many of us have lived in South Rosebank (SoRo) for decades, others have just arrived.  No matter how long you have been here, we are all bound by the same desire to live in an inclusive, fun and safe place. SoRo encourages all community members to contribute time and talent to help build and sustain the foundation for a collaborative, connected and engaged community we call home.

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At our inaugural meeting in May 2013 Carol King suggested our new community group be named ‘South Rosebank Good Neighbours’, with the nickname of SoRo.  There was agreement that the name ‘SoRo Good Neighbours’ clearly reflected our newly created Mission and Vision statements, as noted below.

Three years later a contest was launched to create a logo and slogan representing our South Rosebank community. The winning submission of a stylized tree and the slogan SoRo Good Neighbours, Where Nature Meets Nurture is the perfect depiction of our values and responsibilities to each other and to our natural environment.

Elliott Gunn’s logo and Holly Lynden’s slogan were the winners – chosen by community votes at our first SoRo Family Fun Day in 2016. SoRo (sow-row) is our shortened name!

Our Mission

SoRo Good Neighbours recognizes that a strong community is essential to the health and well being of a person’s life. Our mission is to inspire every resident to get connected through involvement in numerous local events and causes that reflect and nurture our core values: kindness, safety, diversity and creativity.

Our Vision

Our aim is to deepen the connection to our home, widen our reach to those in our neighbourhood and to strengthen the fabric of our community, creating a safe place for young and old to thrive. 

THe history of south rosebank

We welcome your input

 Do you have stories / photos / articles etc that show us all what South Rosebank looked like in years gone by? Be sure to connect and share.

Many different people have called this area home

The first known inhabitants of our South Rosebank area were the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation who moved into Southern Ontario from their former homeland north of Lake Huron around the year 1700. Indigenous artifacts have been found in the area – more detail will be added here once known.

In the mid 1800’s the area began its transition to farmland and cottage country.  There are few clues left in our neighbourhood of our past 300 + years of history with most of the farmland and cottages replaced with streets and permanent homes.  But those who came before us have left their mark on the area.  Check out the City of Pickering’s Library Archives for a variety of documents that tell “our story”.  

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Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Have an idea or story that you would like to share with the community?            We always welcome fresh thoughts. Do not be shy! 

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